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In order for me to add information to the site, I must be able to verify it, through reference to legitimate media outlets (published articles, books, television interviews) or contact with the source. Skaters must have personally and willingly discussed being out, on the record (except for gender-bending programs, for which I make no assumptions about anyone's sexual orientation). I will not include skaters who have died of AIDS or appeared in gay-oriented publications, unless they are/were also out as being bisexual, lesbian, gay, transgendered, or otherwise not heterosexual.

To add a gender-bending program to the list, I need to know the performer(s), title of program and music if known, year it was performed, event where it was performed if known, and description if possible.

Send mail to Please include relevant reference information if quoting from a publication, website, or televised broadcast. Let me know if you want me to include your name and/or e-mail address with the item.

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