Cole Davis

6th place with pair skating partner Rhea Sy, 2006 U.S. National Championships

Cole Davis (born 1984) was a date contestant on MTV's game show "Next," episode 219, which first aired on November 9, 2005. He was among five male candidates to date Roy, a man who identified himself as a fervent Harry Potter fan. In his taped introduction, Davis was identified as a competitive figure skater and promised that "my ass is going to leave this boy speechless." Spoken like a true skater.

Partway into the date, Davis told Roy, "I have some big responsibilities that I need people to understand. I'm a figure skater [...], like training for the Olympics." He said he hoped to tour after competing, perhaps with Disney, and that he'd enjoy portraying Peter Pan.

Davis scored further points on his date when he mentioned that he had a program set to music from a Harry Potter soundtrack (his 2005-2006 freeskate with Rhea Sy). His skating background doubtless came in handy when he and Roy donned Harry Potter costumes and fastened harnesses around themselves to "fly" on brooms, Quidditch-style. It was no surprise when Roy asked for a second date and beamed when his offer was accepted.

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