Doug Mattis

1985 U.S. junior national champion
1997 American Open Professional champion

Doug Mattis came out as gay to the skating world in 1994, when he performed two exhibition numbers at the Gay Games in New York. He continues to entertain audiences with his irreverent comedy programs, whether in pro competitions such as the U.S. Open; in skating shows; or at events within the gay skating movement, such as Team Seattle's Slide for Pride or Team New York's Skates of Pride. Many of his best-loved programs, such as "The Imitation Number," were choreographed by Christopher Nolan.

His current job is as soloist, choreographer, and performance director for "Southern Ice," a show taking place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from March till the end of 2000. The theme of the show is "Jack Frost (played by Ryan Hunka) freezes the south," showing various southern scenes such as Tara within a skating context. It's a multi-media variety show featuring ten skaters (including the Beleznays, an adagio team), two Olympic gymnasts, pet tricks (really), Mattis doing a Chippendales-type number, and "lots of costume changes." Curtain time is 8 PM Tuesday through Sunday, matinees also Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets are $26, $15 for ages 16 and younger, available from (843) 236-2200.

Mattis has also written professionally on gay issues, including an essay called "Waiver" about his first male crush as a young skater.

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