RE>Figure Skating Schedule

Please be advised that if you are planning to attend the ticketed (and much promoted) "finals" of the Figure Skating competition in Amsterdam you will NOT see any same sex pairs. All pairs events are scheduled to be held Wednesday August 5th at 12:30 in the afternoon 7 hours before ticket holders will plan to arrive. (There is no admission charge at this hour.) The only skaters included in "finals" are the highest level solo skaters, most of them men. None of Team NY's skaters are eligible for "finals." We will all be competing in our solo events on Monday, August 3rd beginning at 7:30 pm. Based on the amount of time allotted for Ladies Pairs, it appears that Linda Carney and I may be the only Lesbian pair team in the Games. There are a few Men's teams and at least one mixed gender pair.

Those of you who were at the Abe Stark Arena during the figure skating events of Gay Games IV know that the thrill of seeing an openly gay pair team has nothing to do with triple jumps. Please support an event which is unique to our Gay Games and embodies so completely all that they stand for.

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