Adult Non-Qualifying Open Competition
May 29-30, 1998

Note: There is also apparently a Masters division at this competition; sorry that I don't have more information about it.

Villard-de-Lans (near Grenoble), France

Organized by:
31 Av. A. Einstein
69100 Villeurbanne

To be held at:
Patinoire Villard-de-Lans
38250 Villard-de-Lans
(1968 Olympic Site)


Age and test qualifications as of <<date> 1999 (close of entries) will determine classification.

This event is open for participation to all eligible competitors who are members in good standing with their National Figure Skating Association. Skaters may compete one level above the test passed in as many disciplines as qualified by test level, but may compete in only one event per discipline. Entries from members of clubs having a probationary status will be accepted provided the entry is accompanied by a signed certification by the skater that (s)he is properly qualified to participate in the events mentioned.

The following age categories apply to all Free Skating and Interpretive events:

			Young Adult	18 yrs - 24 yrs

			Class I		25 yrs - 35 yrs

			Class II		36 yrs - 45 yrs

			Class III		46 yrs and over

All age categories may be divided depending on the number of registrations. Proof of age is required for all events. Copy of birth certificate, passport or similar proof of age is acceptable. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to require additional documentation.

Based on the number of entries, some classes may be combined.


Adult Gold Free Skating - Music not to exceed 2:40

Adult Silver Free Skating - Music not to exceed 2:10, no double jumps

Adult Bronze Free Skating - Music not to exceed 1:40, no Axel, no double jumps, no flying spins


Adult Gold Dance

Initial Round:
Rhumba- 4 sequences
Blues - 3 sequences
Final Round: Original Set Pattern Dance in accordance with the provisions of SSR 11.00. The rhythm and tempo selection for the OSPD is the ChaCha (88-120 beats per minute, 4/4)

Test Requirements:
One partner in the Adult Gold Dance event must have passed at least one Gold/Adult Gold dance and the other partner must have passed at least one Pre-Gold/Adult Pre-Gold dance.

Adult Pre-Gold Dance

Initial Round:
Rocker Foxtrot - 4 sequences
Paso Doble - 3 sequences
Final Round: Original Set Pattern Dance in accordance with the provisions of SSR 11.00. The rhythm and tempo selection for the OSPD is the ChaCha (88-120 beats per minute, 4/4)

Test Requirements:
One partner in the Adult Pre-Gold Dance event must have passed at least one Pre-Gold/Adult Pre-Gold dance and the other partner must have passed at least one Silver/Adult Silver dance. Entrants may not have completed the Gold/Adult Gold dance test.

Adult Silver Dance
Initial Round:
American Waltz- 2 sequences
Foxtrot - 4 sequences
Final Round: Tango - 2 sequences
European Waltz - 3 sequences
Test Requirements:
One partner in the Adult Silver Dance event must have passed at least one Silver/Adult Silver dance and the other partner must have passed at least one Pre-Silver /Adult Pre-Silver dance. Entrants may not have passed more than one Pre-Gold/Adult Pre-Gold dance.

Adult Bronze Dance
Initial Round:
Willow Waltz - 3 sequences
Fourteenstep - 4 sequences
Final Round: Hickory Hoedown - 3 sequences
Fiesta Tango - 3 sequences
Test Requirements:
One partner in the Adult Bronze Dance event must have passed at least one Pre-Silver/Adult Pre-Silver dance and the other partner must have passed at least one Bronze/Adult Bronze dance. Entrants may not have passed more than one Silver/Adult Silver dance.

Adult Pre-Bronze Dance
Initial Round:
Canasta Tango - 3 sequences
Swing Dance - 2 sequences
Final Round: ChaCha - 3 sequences
Dutch Waltz - 3 sequences
Test requirements:
Both partners must have completed the Pre-Bronze Dance test but not higher than Bronze Dance test.

Open to ice dancers of either gender.

Adult Gold Dance
Solo Rhumba (4 sequences)
Solo Blues (3 sequences)

Adult Pre-Gold Dance
Solo Rocker Foxtrot (4 sequences)
Solo Paso Doble (3 sequences)

Adult Silver Dance
Solo Tango (2 sequences)
Solo European Waltz (3 sequences)

Adult Bronze Dance
Solo Willow Waltz (3 sequences)
Solo Fourteenstep (4 sequences)

Adult Pre-Bronze Dance
Solo Dutch Waltz (3 sequences)
Solo ChaCha (3 sequences)

Adult Preliminary
Solo Dutch Waltz (3 sequences)
Solo Canasta Tango (3 sequences)

Adult event consists of Free Skating only. This event will be conducted and judged in accordance with the provisions of SSR 6.0. Each pair shall consist of a lady and a man and will be judged with emphasis on unison and musical interpretation.

Adult Pair Event - Music not to exceed 2:10
Masters: Anyone who is interested in skating in a Masters Free Skating or Masters Pair event as defined in the 1999 United States Adult Figure Skating Championships announcement please contact the competition organizers.

Young Adult, Adult, (and Masters) Interpretive Free Skating Events shall consist of a variety of skating moves and elements selected for their value in enhancing the skaters' interpretation of the music. Axels and double jumps will not be permitted. Costumes which enhance the performance by appropriately reflecting the character of the music and theme will be considered in the judging. Props on the ice will not be permitted.
In Interpretive events, skaters will be judged on their ability to interprete the music and develop a theme by using their skating skills as above. Two marks will be used by the judges. The first mark is for Skating Technique and the second mark is for Presentation.

In marking the skating techniques of the program, these aspects must be considered:

a) the ease, flow, glide, sureness, power and depth of the edges;
b) ability to vary the speed and direction of the skating;
c) variety of expressive and innovative moves;
d) the succession of movement within the program;
e) utilization of space and ice coverage;
f) style.

In marking the presentation of the program, the following aspects must be considered:

a) interpretation of the music and rhythm;
b) musical timing and understanding of the phrasing of the music;
c) use of the entire body to develop the artistic and music expression;
d) creativity;
e) choreography - art of arranging movements;
f) variation in tempo, tension, emotion, movements;
g) suitability of music to the skater;
h) internal motivation of movements and expressions projected to the audience.

In all Interpretive Events - the length of music is not to exceed 1:40 minutes. Vocal music is permitted. Age categories will be the same as for Free Skating events as presented in Section I.

The open judging system will be used throughout the competition.


There will be practice ice available at the Patinoire de Villard-de-Lans. Please fill out the practice ice application and send it to:

Barbara Standke
Les Ombelles, 38250 Lans en Vercors, FRANCE
Fax Nº: +33 47648 39 06

To receive these special rates, reservations must be received by <<date>. Please mention «Adult Open» when making reservations.

List of hotels to follow (including rates)

The rink is a full olympic size rink, 60 x 30 m, with plastic dashers. Located in the center of Villard-de-Lans, next to the « Piscine » (swimming pool) and the « Office de Tourisme » (tourist office). Most hotels in walking distance.

120 km from Lyon airport; 30 km by car/coach from Grenoble railway station, for those who will come by TGV from Paris. Local bus service between Grenoble and Villard. Schedule and ticket price will follow.

Entries must be postmarked no later than <<date>. Each event requires a separate entry form. Blank entry forms may be copied. Partner entries for pairs and dance must be mailed together in the same envelop. Please mail directly to:

Barbara Standke
Les Ombelles
38250 Lans-en-Vercors, FRANCE
Fax Nº: +33 476 48 39 06

Entry fees are as follows:

300 FF for first singles event
150 FF for second singles event
150 FF for each partner of pair or dance team
(Note that the exchange rate is about 1:6, e.g. 1 US $ = 6 FF)

In general, late entries will not be accepted. However, under unusual conditions, late entries may only be accepted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee and will carry a 120 FF late entry fee.

Refunds of entry fees will be made according to CR 10.09. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to divide an event or cancel an event when necessary. All requests for entry refund must be received by the Local Organizing Committee no later than 30 days after the competition. A 120 FF charge will be made for all checks returned by the bank for any reason and payment must be made by cash, cashier's check or money order prior to the competition.

The official Registration Desk will be open throughout the competition. Competitors must register promptly upon arrival.

Awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners in each event.
Skaters should receive their awards in their competition outfit.

To receive a tentative schedule, please send an e-mail to:

This event will be open to the public. There will be no fees charged.

Only cassette tapes (no cases, please) will be accepted. Cassettes must be clearly marked with name, event entered, length of music and side to be played. Competition music must be turned in at registration and will be available for pick up at the Registration Desk at the conclusion of the event. Tapes will not be mailed back to competitors. All competitors must have an additional duplicated cassette with them in the rink. The <<Organizers> will accept no responsibility for damage to cassettes or loss of cassettes, but will take every precaution to ensure their safety. The <<Organizers> will supply current dance music for compulsory dances.

Those interested in videotaping must obtain permission upon arrival at the competition. It will be restricted to one area. Except for the official Videographers, only battery operated cameras will be permitted.

Non-European skaters interested in videotaping are recommended to bring their own cameras and films, as the European format is different.

The Organizers will try to arrange for a copy service from European to non-European format so that non-European skaters be able to receive their specially formatted tape at the end of the competition. The estimated price for such a copy would be : << price in FF >.

Further questions regarding the 1999 Adult Open Competition at Villard-de-Lans can be answered by contacting:

Barbara Standke
Tel. + 33 476 20 71 17 (office), +33 476 95 42 91 (home)
Fax. + 33 476 48 39 06

The Patinoire Villard-de-Lans and the < for this competition undertake no responsability for damages or injuries suffered by the skaters or officials. As a condition of and in consideration of the acceptance of the entries or participation therein, all entrants, their family members and officials shall be deemed to agree to assume all risk of injury to their person and property resulting from, caused by or connected with, the conduct and management of the competition, and to waive and release any and all claims which they may have against any officials, the Patinoire Villard-de-Lans and against the <, and their entries shall be accepted only on such conditions (see CR 10.12).

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