David G. Hicks remembers Robert Wagenhoffer

December 15, 1999

I competed against Robert a few times in the late 70's-in singles and pairs-and then worked with him while in the Ice Capades in the early 80's. I started skating in 1967 and never I have seen anyone as talented and/or gifted as Robert. His technique and artistry are unequaled. As it is widely known in the skating world he was grossly under rated due in large part to his unwillingness to "play the game." He paid for that (in terms of amateur titles) but never regretted for one second what he felt or said about the state of then "amateur skating" (he wasn't too thrilled about the turn it's taken recently either.) Robert had a huge heart, a wicked sense of humor and the patience of a saint. I had him teach in a summer skating camp one year and it made no difference whether one skater could only do a lutz while another was working on a triple toe. He approached both skaters with integrity and enthusiasm and had the ability to make them feel so good about what they were doing. But then he'd go and demonstrate something and we'd all wonder why we were so lucky to be on the same planet as this guy! ha

I am truly devastated at this loss and will never forget how Robert improved the quality of my life.

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