Darin Hosier

1984 bronze medalist, U.S. novice nationals

As an eligible growing up in Virginia, Darin Hosier was coached by Audrey Weisiger, who is also Michael Weiss' coach. After winning the bronze medal as a novice in 1984 (beating Todd Eldredge in the freeskate), he competed for three years as a junior before finishing his competitive career at the senior level in 1988, as an alternate at sectionals.

Hosier has been an audience favorite for years at Team Seattle's annual gay sports festival, Slide for Pride. He is currently coaching at the Highland Ice Rink in the Seattle area, and is a member of Seattle Ice Theater under the direction of Becky Saffi.

In a March 1996 interview with Seattle gay publication Beyond 2002, Hosier said of homophobia in skating, "Since we live in a fairly misogynist society, it's the fear of being feminine -- which is pretty sad. In Europe, for a male to skate in a graceful, balletic style is looked at as wonderful! It's seen as a sign of strength and agility and not as a sexual preference or orientation. Here, you're gay until proven otherwise."

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