International Gay Figure Skating Union

November 30, 1998

Dear members and friends,

There are many wonderful things going on and lots to report. At the Federation of Gay Games meeting two weeks ago in Seattle we met with Sydney organizers who, unlike their Amsterdam counterparts, are thrilled that we are available to work with them. The IGFSU has begun the lengthy and difficult process of applying for a seat on the board of the Federation of Gay Games. During the next year we must grow our numbers, elect officers and a board, hold events, work with Sydney etc. Networking in Seattle, I found someone to help us incorporate and apply for 501c3 nonprofit tax status.

We would like to put out a newsletter in January. Please send in contributions. We specifically need local press coverage of our members skating (or not skating!) in Amsterdam or being "out" in non gay competitions. If you send photos, please label carefully and include SASE so we can return them to you safely. If you know of events of interest to our members, send us the details.

Please let us know if you are interested in being on our board or running for office. Any kind of volunteer experience is helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

PO Box 945
New York NY 10116
(212) 255-0559

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