The International Gay Figure Skating Union

December 28, 1999

Dear members and friends,

1999 was an exciting and busy year for us. After a 2-year application process for membership on the Board of Directors of the Federation of Gay Games, the IGFSU became an Organizational Director at the FGG annual meeting in Berlin in October. Our organization is now incorporated and our website is on line. Many thanks to those of you whose time and money made these things possible. The IGFSU's own Bill Wassmer was elected Co-President of the FGG at that same meeting!

Immediately following our sport's disaster in Amsterdam in 1998, we began working with Sydney 2002's Director of Sports. Our Australian hosts have already been working for some years to make sure that Gay Games VI will be the most fabulous Gay Games yet. While we cannot yet report on the format the Figure Skating events will take, we can assure you that we WILL have a competition.

Our Open House at the US Adult National Championships in Ann Arbor, Michigan was a huge success. We plan a similar event in Lake Placid this year, and at other competitions as well. Those of you who are planning to attend the First Winter Classic at the Skating Club of NY (February 19, 20 in New York City's very gay Chelsea!) are invited to an IGFSU party during the weekend. (Time TBD depending on the competition schedule.) If you have not already registered, the deadline is Jan 3! If you need an application, reply to this email with a fax # and we will send you one immediately.

Special news for non-US skaters: Following the success of the first international sanctioned Adult event in Grenoble, France, the Skating Club of NY has agreed to accept some non US skaters into the Winter Classic! Contact John Tie ( for info. We will try to arrange for hosted housing for any skaters from far away who need it.

We are in dire need of volunteers to help us put together a newsletter and get the IGFSU website up to snuff. Watch for our upcoming mailing with millennium special offer of free basic membership for the year 2000. We will have some exciting merchandise offerings in the coming months. Please let us know if you are interested in serving on our Board of Directors or running for office.

We hope you are all skating and well.

Laura Moore

PO Box 945
New York NY 10116
(212) 255-0559

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