Lisa Labrecque, Team San Francisco

1994 Gay Games women's gold medalist, Level 3

Lisa Labrecque currently serves as co-chair of Team San Francisco, and as the Recording Secretary of the Federation of Gay Games. She is also the first recipient of Team San Francisco's Susan E. Kennedy Award, which will be given every four years in honor of a retired long-time member of the Team San Francisco Board of Directors.

Although she usually competes as a singles skater, Labrecque skated a lesbian pairs routine with Laura Moore at Seattle's Slide for Pride competition in 1996. Since Labrecque lives in San Francisco and Moore in New York, they choreographed their routine by mailing videotapes of their skating to each other cross-country until it was done.

Labrecque served as editor and publisher for Unity '94 New York, a book chronicling the 1994 Gay Games.

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