Matthew Hall

1989 Canadian bronze medalist
1994 Gay Games champion, Level 5

Matthew Hall of Canada was the first élite figure skater ever to come out as gay while still competing as an amateur or eligible.* According to Out magazine, he came out in 1992, partly after reflection following the AIDS-related deaths of Canadian skaters Dennis Coi and Rob McCall. He reported no homophobia from fellow Canadian skaters, only support. Brian Orser was the first person to whom Hall confided that he was gay, and he cites Lloyd Eisler and Kurt Browning as especially supportive and affirming of his decision to be out.

His winning performance at the 1994 Gay Games was widely praised, especially since he was competing with cracked ribs suffered in a car accident just days earlier.

Hall made his film début, under the name "Chase Alters," in the award-winning gay adult feature Fallen Angel, released in 1997 from Titan Media.

According to a 1998 Icon magazine profile, Hall's family includes lover Roy Rusch.

Copyright Photo by J. Barry Mittan

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*Toller Cranston's autobiography, Zero Tollerance, states that John Curry came out before competing at 1976 Worlds. Hall was the first to discuss being out in interviews while still eligible.

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