Other sites of interest

Sandra Loosemore's SkateWeb
The center of the on-line figure skating universe.

Sonia Bianchetti Garbato, legendary Olympic referee and author of Cracked Ice, edited by Lorrie Kim of Rainbow Ice.

The Strong and the Sequined: A Skating Serial by Jennifer Lyon.
Queer and straight skaters romp and whimper through a fictional world that is realer than real. Writing doesn't get better than this.

A site for gay athletes and sports fans, including a list of out gay athletes, and an interview with Rainbow Ice webmaster Lorrie Kim in the December 2000 "Making a Difference" section.

Links to international gay sports databases.

Lutz Chat
An irreverent cable access show on Channel 57 Time Warner or RCN Channel 109 in New York, hosted by "two opinionated Asians" named Miki and Peter, featuring segments such as the "highly scientific and academic" "Gay/Not Gay."

This website, run by openly gay distance running coach Eric "Gumby" Anderson, has much information on out gay athletes.

World Skating Federation
International skating organization dedicated to fairness, openness, athlete voting representation, coach voting representation, and accountability.

SkateFAIR (Skate Fans for Accountability and International Reform)
Organization of skating fans working toward fairness and accountability in figure skating.

Blades on Ice
Frequent updates from the popular skating magazine.

Comprehensive database of skating competition results.

Silent Edge
Links and information for those concerned about advocacy for figure skaters, including abuse issues, sports psychology, and financial support.

Lorrie Kim's skating articles
Both gay-specific and general interest.

Book Reviews
Reviews of general-interest skating books by Lorrie Kim.

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