1. Several people sent in more than one reason. At first I thought I'd just split them up and list them separately. But then some people sent in multiple reasons that couldn't be split up very well, such as #15.

    I ended up splitting up the ones I could, and I left together the others. That means that some people have more than one reason listed above, and some people have one reason that's really long and contains subreasons. Please take this into account when you make your judgements. I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on what to do about this in the future:

  2. I was really delighted by the responses. I had been afraid that maybe everyone would send in the same two reasons. As you can see, it didn't happen.


You each have ten votes. You can cast some, all or none of them, and you can distribute your votes among the candidate reasons as you please. Send votes to Don't send them to the mailing list, because that might influence the other participants.

The owner of the reason that receives the most votes will be the winner.

Please read carefully, judge wisely, and send me your votes by Monday, 9 February, 1998.

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