Guess the Animal


This is a very old and traditional computer game.

You must think of an animal.
I will try to guess what it is.

I will ask you questions and try to deduce what animal you are thinking of. If I cannot guess what animal you are thinking of, and your WWW client has support for fill-in forms, I will let you teach me about the animal you had in mind.

Caution: I am just a dumb machine. I believe everything I am told. People sometimes teach me incorrect or offensive things. Some of my content may not be suitable for children.

Right now, I know 108 animals.

You can get a list of all the animals I know, or you can examine the entire database.

Play the game.

Play hexapawn instead.

I am looking for advice about how to make this game more accessible to people with vision-impairments. If you are such a person, and want to offer advice, please e-mail it to