Name This Creature

(statue's head)

Some time ago Chi-An Chien gave me a statuette; it's about two and a half inches tall. I like it a lot; it sits on the shelf in my office and watches me while I work, but it's given me a lot of trouble.

Usually I have no trouble naming my possessions and fitting them into my local mythology, especially when they have as much personality as this statuette. But the statuette has so far resisted all attempts to name or define it.

I would like you to suggest a name for the statuette, and also to suggest what it is about. Is it an imp? A demon? Is it a minor deity? If so, what's its area of expertise?

Three pictures of the statuette are available, each about 70K:

Look at the pictures, then fill out this form. If you can't fill out the form, please do send me mail. This thing has been stumping me for months now.

Please note that the object of this game need not be to give a historically correct answer or anything like that.

You think this is a statue of: (choose one)

The creature's sex: (Choose one.)

The creature's attributes: (Choose any number.) (Angry) (Arch) (Anti-bacterial) (Bath Soap) (Bemused) (Benevolent) (Bored) (Bubbly) (Clever) (Confused) (Contemplative) (Drunk) (Foolish) (EVIL!!!!!) (Furfuraceous) (Garlic-und-Pork-rindish) (Hanging around looking out for me) (Has Munchies) (Heffalumpish) (Hip) (Jaded) (Knows everything but won't say it) (Malevolent) (Mischievous) (Patient) (Plugged Up) (Ponderous) (Powerful) (Protective) (Retarded) (Roguish) (Scared) (Sensitive) (Shaven) (Sheepish) (Sleepy) (Smart) (Statuesque) (Thoughtful) (Smug) (Subtly Obvious) (Ticklish) (Tolerant) (Undaunted) (Very Amused) (Waiting) (Wise) (Will not lose count even if you whisper random numbers in its ear while it counts) ()

The statue's name appears to be: (Choose one) (`Alum (mesosoic)') (`The Amused One') (`Arnold Palmer') (`Aslan') (`Bahoozny') (`Bantaal') (`Belshazzar') (`Boaz') (`Bobbitt') (`Bruce') (`Calumet') (`Carl') (`Catharsis') (`Celcius') (`Chester Mudflump') (`Chjort'') (`Cogito') (`Corky') (`Dervin') (`Dingus') (`Dominick') (`Fellatius') (`Foobar') (`Francis') (`Fred') (`Frobitz') (`Galactacus, Devourer of Worlds') (`George (the pentant)') (`Gimp') (`Glaubsch') (`Glum') (`GoGo') (`Gomer') (`Harold') (`He Who Goes Unnamed') (`Helmut Jaegermeister') (`Hofmann') (`Hubert') (`I knew it') (`Icky-icky-bang-zpow! Oh boy!') (`Irving') (`Jeremiah Unseen') (`Layoon') (`Lenny') (`Lethe') (`Lonely Guy') (`Mel!') (`Mordechai') (`Mortimer') (`Mugwump') (`Nasrudin') (`Nittany') (`Pann-Tharr') (`Paulchen') (`The Penn State Nittany Lion') (`Persephone') (`Prymaat') (`Puck') (`Putitoffa Untiltomorra') (`Quitan') (`Relby') (`The Richard') (`Richard Nixon') (`Roconamathradan') (`Ron') (`Roraronaron') (`Saeral') (`Sarael') (`Seldane') (`September') (`Sidney') (`Simon') (`Slumber') (`Smerdl') (`Spaabald') (`Spiro Agnew') (`Spondle') (`Ty!kung, The Bemused One') (`UberWurstFührer') (`Your (personal) imp') ()

Forms are hard for creative communication---I have to guess what you'll want to say and then let you say it. If there's something you want to say about this statue's motivations, or its raison d'être, or anything else, please add it here:

Comments other people have made:

I botched the form for the first few days, and all the comments I got were truncated to one line. And they looked really good, too. Someone sent a comment that began He's jealous of both man and beast, ..., and someone else sent one that began I remember sitting in a pub in Yorkshire next to a graveyard. Being Yorkshire.... I really want to hear the story. Aargh!

Moral: Always test your programs before you release them.