2 December 2001

10 December 2001

8 March 2002

After the winter break, I finished the carving and took the pot into class to be fired. When I got there, I discovered that I had packed it badly and it was shattered. Bone-dry pottery is very brittle! I was very disappointed, so I started carving a second pot right away---fortunately I had a new bone-dry pot already on the shelf. That one lasted for two weeks; then at the end of class I was getting ready to leave and I tipped it over on the carved part and smahsed it.

Sooner or later I'll get one fired. In the meantime I am experimenting with spraying dilute underglaze out of a spray bottle to get a wash effect. Maybe by the time I get one of these pots carved and fired I'll know how I want to glaze it.