Books by Mark Jason Dominus

Higher-Order Perl

Was published 8 March 2005

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Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags

Current expected publication date: April 2007

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Best of The Perl Journal: Computer Science & Perl Programming

This book is an anthology of articles from back issues of The Perl Journal. I contributed 10 of these articles, totalling 121 pages of material, and also the introduction to the book.

Cover price: US$39.95
Publisher: O'Reilly and Associates

Computer Science and PERL Programming
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Low-Volume Announcement Mailing List

I send occasional updates and progress reports to a mailing list. The mailing list is extremely low-volume---it is not a discussion list. Typically, I send a message when I finish a chapter or when something else important happens. I have sent 20 announcements in the past five years.

Subscribers to the mailing list get to see draft chapters, course materials related to my books, and other goodies.

To subscribe, send mail to or submit this form:

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An archive of mailing list traffic is available.

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