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Doug Mattis in Santa Rosa

If you're near Santa Rosa, California this month, don't miss Doug Mattis in the traditional holiday show! He co-stars with Craig Heath and several other skaters. Mattis will perform a cold spot to "Sit Down/Don't Rock the Boat" from "Guys and Dolls," and star in a 1960's production number as, in his words, "that international man of mystery." Both numbers were choreographed by Mattis himself, with heavy influence from skater and choreographer Christopher Nolan.

The show opens December 3rd, 1998, and runs twice daily through December 30 except for Mondays, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. The phone number for the arena is (707) 546-7147.

It's always an experience to watch the man that Toller Cranston praised as "no less an entertainer than Scott Hamilton."

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