International Gay Figure Skating Union
November 1998


Dear Members and Friends,

I am very pleased to report that the IGFSU will have an official presence at the 1998 Federation of Gay Games Meeting in Seattle next week. The disaster that befell figure skating in Amsterdam last summer led to the resurrection of the organization that first brought our sport into the Gay Games in New York in 1994. We have a lot of work to do before Gay Games VI in Sydney.

Many thanks go out to those of you who responded to our fall mailing. Unfortunately, many of the addresses that we received from the GG organizers in Amsterdam were very hard to read and many membership applications were returned as undeliverable. If this email is your first communication from us and you would like to become a member, please send your address in a reply email and we will get the forms out to you ASAP.

We have decided to delay election of officers until after the new year to allow for a larger voting base. The Federation of Gay Games uses very stringent guidelines in evaluating a sports organization for membership on its Board. The IGFSU will have to become active in Federation work over the next two years before membership could be approved.

I will be representing the IGFSU as an "observer" at this year's meeting. The IGFSU will become active on the Federation's Sports Committee. In Seattle, I will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from other sports organizations who are aready members of the Board as well as the FOGG Membership Committee. With their help, we must put together our goals and bylaws and develop a structure for our organization.

We will begin publishing a newsletter in the new year. One bit of very exciting news is the announcement of an International Open Adult Competition in Grenoble, France in May -- link to a first draft of the announcement. The structure for this event could form the basis for what we may use in future Gay Games as it allows for international participation with no ISU involvement. It does not allow for same sex pairs. It would also be a great opportunity for many of us to get together and make a big showing as a gay group.

Thank you for all for your support.
Laura Moore

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