Participants in Slide for Pride 1996

Disclaimer: The participants were of varying sexual orientations, including many straight people. Unless a participant's name appears on my élite or adult gay skaters page, either they are heterosexual, or I haven't confirmed otherwise.


Adult Bronze Dance

  1. Teresa Kalvig/Dan Young

Adult Silver Dance

  1. Hank Landis/Sheila Geisler

Pairs (Male/Female)

  1. Kelly Lawrence/Rocky Ursino
  2. Anita Rasmussen/Stephen Crago

Pairs (Female/Female)

  1. Laura Moore/Lisa Labrecque

Pairs (Male/Male)

  1. Bill Wassmer/Roman Schiess-Meneghetti

Interpretive (Level A)

  1. Sheila Geisler
  2. Laura Moore

Interpretive (Level B)

  1. Stephen Crago
  2. Roman Schiess-Meneghetti
  3. Sean Crowley

Women's Silver Singles

  1. Mary Burgess
  2. Didi Marquez
  3. Sheila Geisler
  4. Catherine O'Neil
  5. Laura Moore
  6. Kelly Lawrence

Men's Silver Singles

  1. Gary Lynch
  2. Jimmy Grape
  3. Claude Denis
  4. Patrick Ursino
  5. Randy Miguez

Women's Gold Singles

  1. Lisa Steffan
  2. Angela Rasmussen-Au
  3. Kelly Johnsen

Men's Gold Singles

  1. Bill Wassmer
  2. Louis Vachon
  3. Rocky Ursino

Women's Masters Junior Free

  1. Lisa Labrecque

Men's Masters Junior Free

  1. Darin Hosier
  2. Sean Crowley

Masters Senior Free

  1. Doug Mattis






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