Out Elite Skaters

A comprehensive, reliable list of élite skaters who are publicly out about being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or otherwise not heterosexual.

Matthew Hall and Rudy Galindo both came out as gay while still competing in Olympic-style eligible competitions. But now they are professional skaters, as are the others on this list except for Brian Wright, an élite choreographer.


This list is concerned with élite skaters: those who have competed at their country's national championships. For me to consider them to be "out," they must have stated their sexual orientation in a reputable media outlet, such as a published book, a newsmagazine, or a television interview.

I do not consider tabloids to be a reputable source, despite their occasional accuracy.

I do not include skaters who have died of AIDS, unless it has been documented that they were gay, bisexual, or otherwise not heterosexual, since I do not assume that AIDS = gay.

I do not include skaters who have appeared in gay-oriented publications, unless it has also been documented that they are other than heterosexual.

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