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Announcements of shows, lectures, exhibits, dinners, and other events in the Philadelphia area that I consider interesting.


I am boycotting Amazon. Here's why. The FSF is leading the boycott, and I have joined . Here's what they have to say about it.

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Several years ago I constructed a web version of the `glass bead game' of Hermann Hesse's Magister Ludi. At least, I think I did; I've never read Magister Ludi and I built the application from someone else's not-too-clear description of the Glasperlenspiel. Then this week someone in comp.lang.perl.misc happened to ask if there was a Perl implementation, so I brought it out and dusted it off. Here it is.

Home of the Dick Feynman cabal of the Discordian Society. Want to join? Just count backwards to 0 by 17's starting at 119 to initiate yourself and begin enjoying the benefits of membership, whatever they are.

Advocacy is a game where one person proposes an apparently stupid engineering or design decision, and the other players try to justify it. Rounds 1--76 are complete; round 77 is in progress as of 28 October 2003. The web pages are out-of-date, but you can see the Round 1 engineering decision. A summary of rounds 1-9. Complete mailing list archive. Join the game.

I just developed mod_auth_cookie_mysql, an Apache server module that authenticates users based on a cookie value, which is matched against the contents of a MySQL database. It is based on mod_auth_cookie_msql, which was written by Dirk van Gulik.

I proudly support the endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.

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