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Re: protected.pm (more Class::Fields)

On Fri, 31 Dec 1999 02:27:27 EST, Michael G Schwern wrote:
>It must have slipped by you.  fields.pm has been in since at least
>5.005_02 and base.pm has been around since 5.004_04

They were added in 5.004_50 as Class/Fields.pm and ISA.pm.

>                                                    (although I think
>it only started doing field inheritance in 5.005).
>As it currently exists, fields.pm isn't really useful beyond
>pseudo-hashes as objects, and even then its very clunky.  Far too
>complicated to get anything done.

Can you show some examples?  Thanks.

>                                  What I'm proposing is a rewrite of
>the internals and the addition of some methods for field manipulation
>and examination, but its still basically the same as the existing
>Its all already in the core, fatal flaws and all.  I'm just trying to
>make it servicable.

I have no interest in institutionalizing any fatal flaws behind a
serviceable interface.  I'd much rather leave pseudo-hashes and the
fields stuff marked "experimental" until we can add a proper solution
that we can live with.

Maybe there ought to be some sort of a expiry date on the "experimental"
stuff.  If something doesn't pass the experimental stages for a couple
of major release cycles, perhaps it should be thrown out altogether.
What say?


References to:
Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com>

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