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RE: [ID: 19991228.001] Problem Installing Perl/Tk


I did as you suggested by getting the gcc 2.8.1 binary distribution from
Then I removed the gcc 2.95.2 package and added the gcc 2.8.1 package.
Finally, I did a 'make clean', 'perl Makefile.PL', 'make', etc. on the
Perl/Tk stuff.
It continues to behave the same way as before.  All my output for these
commands are included in the attachment.  I believe this eliminates the
of a compiler version mismatch being responsible for this problem.  What do
you think?

Robert van Es

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From: Nick Ing-Simmons [mailto:nick@ing-simmons.net]
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 4:45 PM
To: sobrika@erols.com
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Subject: Re: [ID: 19991228.001] Problem Installing Perl/Tk

Eti Inc \ <sobrika@erols.com> writes:
>I attempted to install Perl/Tk again this morning.
>I have included the output of the following commands in the attachment:
>perl Makefile.PL         => perlMakefilePL.txt
>make                     => make.txt
>make test                => maketest.txt

Makefile.PL transcript looks normal.
make transcript shows you did not do a "make clean" and essentialy
reused any .o files you had from before - which does not tell me anything.
The "make test" transcript is still showing the weird "normal ...DynaLoader"
messages which were reported before. As I said before - run the
test outside the harness to get the full message:

perl -Mblib t/Require.t

>I am really getting frustrated with the amount of time it is taking me to
>get Perl/Tk to work on my workstation when all the conditions appear to be
>perfect on the surface.

I suspect your gcc-2.95.2

Nick Ing-Simmons


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Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ing-simmons.net>

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